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Huddle-muddle – aren’t words interesting?

Etymology and all that! (The expert etymology is all taken from Etymology online, thanks; http://etymonline.com) I am happy to say that I am on the last lap of preparing my novel for publication: target date October 1st 2013, the anniversary … Continue reading

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Thatcher legacy debate – final thoughts

Sally N. •Apology accepted Keith. I should have seen the flippancy but, to be honest, I am beginning to resent having to defend my views which are not radical or indeed right-wing. I merely see Mrs T as necessary at … Continue reading

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Thatcher legacy debate – part 4

Emilio Valli •                        Soviet Union. Margaret Thatcher had been inspired by the Solidarity movement in Poland and she wanted to win the Cold War by encouraging the people in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, to rise up. She was … Continue reading

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Mind and mood – a success story?

I find myself in cheery mood today. Maybe it has something to do with English sporting success over the last few days, beating Scotland 38-18 in the six Nations’ Rugby on Saturday or the England football team’s success, 2-1, against … Continue reading

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There’s a hole in my bucket…..

There’s a hole in my bucket …. My email’s not working Dear Microsoft Dear Microsoft …and I want to talk to someone to put it right..and Word is not working either Dear Microsoft Then mend it :Dear Keith Dear keith … Continue reading

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Flat-lining a Force Test

I had chance to tell this tale to some people when we were in England recently, so you are allowed to skip this post if and when you realise you have heard the story already! For those who have not … Continue reading

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Brastemp – A FAILURE OF SERVICE Excuse me while I have a quiet rant! Last year when we had finished changing the house with the addition of a posh new kitchen, I wanted to ensure I did as little washing … Continue reading

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Show and tell… another genealogical tale

I was looking for something to do a few minutes ago because Fatima is watching a “Novella” on TV and it is in Portuguese. So, first things first….I sometimes watch along with her because it helps me learning the language … Continue reading

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Handshake – Claim to fame?

My last post was about cousins visiting and their visit allowed me to tell them a tale about a small “claim to fame” you may have heard, although I have not mentioned it yet on a post here, so I … Continue reading

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Silly Conversations

It is odd how conversations come about which quickly become funny (silly funny – engraçado in Portuguese, or engraçada if you are female) This morning Fatima was explaining something about a piece of news, or something – I forget exactly … Continue reading

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