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England visit – whizzing and whirling

England visit – whizzing and whirling Well, here I am in England, and the first week and a half of my “book promotion tour”* has just whizzed by in a whirl (hmm can you whizz in a whirl? I rather … Continue reading

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Huddle-muddle – aren’t words interesting?

Etymology and all that! (The expert etymology is all taken from Etymology online, thanks; http://etymonline.com) I am happy to say that I am on the last lap of preparing my novel for publication: target date October 1st 2013, the anniversary … Continue reading

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Mind and mood – a success story?

I find myself in cheery mood today. Maybe it has something to do with English sporting success over the last few days, beating Scotland 38-18 in the six Nations’ Rugby on Saturday or the England football team’s success, 2-1, against … Continue reading

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Silly Conversations

It is odd how conversations come about which quickly become funny (silly funny – engraçado in Portuguese, or engraçada if you are female) This morning Fatima was explaining something about a piece of news, or something – I forget exactly … Continue reading

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