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Looking on the Bright side – but still counting the cost

Looking on the Bright side – but still counting the cost I am an optimist – I think I have made this point before – so I have a tendency always to look on the bright side of life (that … Continue reading

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War with the French – Tudor style

It is just 500 years since Henry Vlll went to war with France… Actually, to be more accurate I should say … since Henry personally went to war with France, in 1513. He had sided with his wife’s father Ferdinand (of Spain) against … Continue reading

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Enjoying teaching…

Just in the last few days there have been several issues which have set my mind to thinking “I should write something on my journal about that”. So, if my writing work-rate stays reasonably high, there might be several new … Continue reading

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Caravan Tale #3

Continuing my caravan Tales from the past: If you have not yet read 1 & 2 – suggest you start at No 1… A Grand tour of Europe by Caravan… Our first caravan holiday It is now a number of … Continue reading

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