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Liberal Britain – five wishes of a liberal outsider

Liberal Britain – five wishes of a liberal outsider Treachery – whither Liberalism now? You may be aware there is a saying that “a week is a long time in politics”.  Well, seven days after the country voted to leave … Continue reading

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Hammocks and other lovely things.

Hammocks and other lovely things. As I was sitting in my hammock enjoying my lunch… That`s a lovely line, isn`t it? I think it is worthy of being repeated. “As I was sitting in my hammock” earlier, I was just … Continue reading

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Permanent and indeterminate

Permanent and indeterminate So it is official. I am now permanent and indeterminate as far as Brazil is concerned. I collected my “cedula de identidade de estrangeiro” today from the federal Police here in Niteroi. Otherwise known, I suppose, as … Continue reading

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Marking Time – Anniversaries

Marking Time – Anniversaries For those of you who know me you may be aware that this week, on Thursday 21st November in fact, it will be five years since Tricia died. (For more recent readers, you may not know … Continue reading

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Lincolnshire Day 2013

Lincolnshire Day 2013 I am now here in Lincolnshire, England, stopping with my brother (for the last three years or so I have been living mainly in Brazil, since I met and married my Brasiliera wife) and October 1st 2013 … Continue reading

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Radio interview

Hello again… I meant to add a connection to my last post giving a link to Siren FM so that you could (if you really wanted to!) listen to their programme of Wednesday of this last week where I was … Continue reading

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England visit – whizzing and whirling

England visit – whizzing and whirling Well, here I am in England, and the first week and a half of my “book promotion tour”* has just whizzed by in a whirl (hmm can you whizz in a whirl? I rather … Continue reading

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