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Changing the narrative

An opportunity to change the narrative on Nuclear Weapons Since the UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) came into force in 2021, it is a matter of fact that Nuclear Weapons are now prohibited and illegal under … Continue reading

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Cumbrian Mine – a mistaken decision

Cumbrian mine – an ecological response The arguments for the opening of a new mine in Cumbria revolve around the quality of the coal that is to be mined and many other benefits are proposed. The stated assumptions are that … Continue reading

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Primaries revisited – Lib Dem and Green Party (updated 6th July, from 8th June)

Liberal Democrat/Green Party primaries by Keith Melton – Green Lib Dem Vice Chair (Campaigns) Flying a Kite Like many Lib Dems around the country I was busy fighting elections in May, both local and European. Then I got caught up … Continue reading

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“It`s the Rich what gets the pleasure…”

via “It`s the Rich what gets the pleasure…”

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Gardening 2018…

Interruptions So, I started to write a blog post and then the sun came out, whereupon I decided I had to go into the garden and do some gardening. And that has prompted me to do another blog post about … Continue reading

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19th May –  a date to conjure with

Optimism for 2018, a better year than the last? Thought it was time I put fingers to keyboard again with a blog for the “new” year, except it is not so new now – doesn`t time pass quickly when you … Continue reading

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Xmas shopping – a quiet time in Brazil

Xmas shopping I guess it will surprise no one that we went shopping yesterday for the food and stuff we need for Christmas. Only a couple of days to go, so we needed to stock up, and we expected the … Continue reading

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Paranoia. The mystery of the missing Kindle deepens…

Paranoia. Just because you are paranoid it doesn`t mean they are not out to get you I am beginning to suffer a bout of paranoia now about the mysterious disappearance of the Kindle version of my novel Captain Cobbler from … Continue reading

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Liberal Britain – five wishes of a liberal outsider

Liberal Britain – five wishes of a liberal outsider Treachery – whither Liberalism now? You may be aware there is a saying that “a week is a long time in politics”.  Well, seven days after the coun… Source: Liberal Britain … Continue reading

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Shakespeare & Richard lll

Richard lll and the Battle of Bosworth I have just been reading a suggestion that Shakespeare`s play about Richard lll may have been a more current political satire directed against the Cecils. The article went into some depth about the misdirections … Continue reading

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