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Easter Eggs and memories of times past

Easter Eggs and memories of times past My second blog of the day! Must be feeling creative… Since my last post was about returning to Niteroi after the Easter Holiday, it just brought to mind a thought I had just … Continue reading

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Marking Time – Anniversaries

Marking Time – Anniversaries For those of you who know me you may be aware that this week, on Thursday 21st November in fact, it will be five years since Tricia died. (For more recent readers, you may not know … Continue reading

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It only ever happens once in your life

It only ever happens once in your life… It happened yesterday but it was only when I awoke this morning that I actually realised that it only ever happens once in your life, and it doesn’t happen for everyone, so … Continue reading

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Mind and mood – a success story?

I find myself in cheery mood today. Maybe it has something to do with English sporting success over the last few days, beating Scotland 38-18 in the six Nations’ Rugby on Saturday or the England football team’s success, 2-1, against … Continue reading

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Time Out – resumption of service

I started writing this journal post on Wednesday 21st November 2012, so it is a while since my last post on here. Mention of “last post” and my quirky thought patterns, also makes me think it is now exactly four … Continue reading

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Mowing the lawn – and the “giggle” gene…

Mowing the lawn – and the “giggle” gene… Mowed the lawn this morning. So, nothing new there…I have been mowing lawns for at least 50 years (Good Grief! What an aging thought!?) but I have only been mowing a Brazilian … Continue reading

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memory – isn’t it strange?!

It is now Sunday & I thought I would just quickly check my blog page, since my internet link has been down for a couple of days and I started to read the last journal post from a week or … Continue reading

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