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Retired English liberal environmentalist living in Brazil. Author of Historical Novel - Captain Cobbler: the Lincolnshire Uprising 1536

Brazil presidency 2018

Brazil presidency 2018 It is Election year again in Brazil this year and we have already had a Facebook promise to take down fake news pages (which prompted demonstrations outside FB offices claiming the pages were not fake!) so I … Continue reading

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Social Enterprise and the Environment

Social Enterprise and the Environment My political experience and way of thinking, developed over many years, proved very useful back in 1998, when I started up the Institute for Sustainable Development in Business. One of the things that became very … Continue reading

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Health impacts of the Climate Catastrophe

Health impacts of the Climate Catastrophe One cannot be sure, but the heatwave of 2018 in the UK may just have changed the nature of the debate about environmental politics here, not least because it has provoked a flurry of … Continue reading

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Channeling the anger part 2

Channeling the anger part 2 Since writing my post about channeling MY anger, it has become apparent that the Federal Conference Committee (FCC) of the Liberal Democrats has angered a whole other group of people (to which I also belong!) … Continue reading

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Channelling my anger (or – “Poking the Hornets` Nest” part 2?)

Channelling my anger (or – Poking the Hornets` Nest part 2?) As you will know if you read my earlier post about poking the hornets` nest a little while ago, we submitted a resolution for the Liberal Democrat autumn conference … Continue reading

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The Climate really IS changing (serendipity part 3)

The Climate really IS changing  (serendipity part 3) OK, I have decided for the moment that daily politics will work itself out somehow and eventually its impact will become obvious on longer term issues, so I am going to pick up … Continue reading

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A Federal Europe and the Green Dividend (serendipity part 2)

A Federal Europe and the Green Dividend (overtaken, mid-post, by current political events!!) Serendipity Part 2 My last post concluded that building informal coalitions within a fluid European Union was potentially significant for achieving great advances in combating Climate Change, … Continue reading

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