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Easter Eggs and memories of times past

Easter Eggs and memories of times past My second blog of the day! Must be feeling creative… Since my last post was about returning to Niteroi after the Easter Holiday, it just brought to mind a thought I had just … Continue reading

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High (blood) pressure driving

High (blood) pressure driving I have been moved to write this after travelling back from Saquarema to Niteroi last night by car. And I am guessing my blood pressure did a bit of an upwards tilt! The problem, of course, … Continue reading

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For sustainability and healthy living, revive diversity in your plate

Originally posted on Keshav Chaturvedi:
I am a potato freak. I can have it 365 days a year, two times a day. My father once quipped that I must have been a product of potato famine in Ireland in my…

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Arthur and Catherine

Very soon after Catherine arrived in England she was married to Arthur, Prince of Wales, son of King Henry Vll….now read on….   Her wedding to Prince Arthur – a few days later – was no less theatrical but, considering … Continue reading

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New Discoveries – visitors ahoy!

Visitors ahoy! We have recently had good friends Brian and Tricia visiting us from England and it has been a delight showing them something of Brazil as seen from our eyes. The interesting thing is that we have made new … Continue reading

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Accommodation – English speaking hosts – Football World Cup 2014

Accommodation – English speaking hosts Accommodation – English speaking hosts I had not quite realised how long it was since my last post – so apologies to my readers for such a long gap! We have had visitors recently from … Continue reading

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