Keith’s Publicity Tour

Keith’s Publicity Tour

Yesterday I was asking for help with promoting my new novel, so, today, I only thought it was fair to tell you what I shall be doing myself Perhaps I shall have the opportunity to meet many of you on my way around. (This should have “gone live” on Tuesday but my internet connection dropped off just as I was trying to send it – I am now in England!!)

Firstly let me pick up on the issue of pricing which I touched upon yesterday.

As a bibliophile myself I love the texture of a real book, especially a good hardback, but I have had relatively little control over the pricing of the paper versions. Print-on-demand- books are more or less priced by weight! I did manage to ensure the recommended retail prices for paper copies were below psychologically important barriers, however, so in US money (& UK money) the RRP for the soft cover will be $28.95 (£18.95) and for the hard cover $38.95 (£24.50) – and, as it turns out, the online stores are offering them at quite good discounts on those prices. ( has the soft cover for as low as £12.50!)

And, as I indicated yesterday, I was able to set the price of the e-books strategically at $2.99 (about £2.00 – interestingly, in the UK e-books attract VAT, which does not apply to paper books!) So, the main thing for me at this stage is to generate enough interest amongst the book-buying public to at least consider the idea of buying an e-book and accepting the bonus when someone decides to buy a physical book. Which means I have to “put myself about a bit”.

What will Keith be doing?
• I am flying to England on Tuesday (17th September) and will be carrying out media interviews and putting out press releases about book-signings and other events. My first planned radio interview is with Radio SirenFM in Lincoln on Wednesday 25th September. (Having written that, I have just, a few moments ago, had a brief email exchange with Radio Nottingham, so my second radio interview might pre-date my first – by being on Tuesday or Monday of that week! If you see what I mean.)
• Before that I shall be buying a new warm outfit in England to make sure I look good on Radio, of course! And Fatima has said I must lose a few pounds before I go on TV ‘cos the screen adds pounds – I have yet to organise a TV spot (any offers?)
• I have a lunch meeting on Sunday 29th September and will be talking about my book there
• My first official book-signing is at Wright’s bookshop in Louth on Tuesday 1st October to coincide with the start of the Lincolnshire Uprising in 1536. (but the novel is already available online for those of you who cannot wait!)
• I have a book-signing at Tim Smith Books in Horncastle on market day that week – Thursday 3rd October …and then…
• I am rushing over to Caistor (where the rebels were, as well, on the 3rd October 1536!) to do a book-signing at the Heritage Centre between 2.30pm and 4pm, followed by a reading and meeting at 7pm in the Heritage Centre
• I have (tentative) plans for Lincoln, or/and Boston book-signings on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th October and…
• Tentative plans for Gainsborough on market day the following week (Tuesday 8th) – Captain Cobbler was in Gainsborough on the 6th October 1536, to make sure Lord Burgh was not raising a force agains the rebels! But then I will rush back to Louth for …
• A Lecture and reading for Louth Museum regular members in the Community Room above Louth Library also on 6th October. Louth was very much the focal point for a large part of the Uprising.
• I have tentative plans for book-signings for Thursday and Friday 10th and 11th October but if you want me somewhere in particular these days – first come-first served!
• I am also trying to organise a visit back to my old school in Hykeham, the North Kesteven School to talk to students, staff and parents, but no date fixed for that yet.
• I have a book-signing from 11am on Saturday 12th October followed by a reading and meeting in the early afternoon at the Society for Local History and Archaeology at the “Jews House” at the top of the High Street in Lincoln.
• For week commencing 14th October I have meetings which I have to schedule for Manchester area, York, Northampton, London and Brighton so I shall be rushing around the country with a boot full of books to sign and sell.
• WOLDS WORDS FESTIVAL – Saturday 19th October is the final organised event so far and my slot will be at 1pm, so I will have to be interesting to keep people awake just after lunch!!
• Then I fly to New York on Tuesday 22nd October. But I will do another Blog-post for New York later! I hope, however, that any US recipients/followers of this blog should also plan for major sales during week commencing 30th September, so that the book makes it to the best-seller list!!

Phew – writing a blog-post is like writing a chapter of the novel!!
I hope to meet lots of you as I go around doing my meetings and book-signings – it will be FUN I am looking forward to it. See you soon! And carrying all those boxes of books to sell will be good exercise, of course.

About Keith Melton - Green Lib Dem

Retired English liberal environmentalist living in Nottinghamshire; spent six years in Brazil. Author of Historical Novel - Captain Cobbler: the Lincolnshire Uprising 1536. Active member of the Green Liberal Democrats - (pressure group in Liberal Democrats) - was Founding Chair of GLD in 1988
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