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Birthday video….Youtube

Hello – just a brief Post to say that I have (at last!) sorted out a You Tube account so that I can upload a short video from my 65th birthday party. Hope you enjoy seeing us enjoy ourselves….sorry you … Continue reading

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Having Fun – or is fun having been had?

As I said in my post earlier today (TWO a day….being ambitious, or foolish?) several subjects presented themselves to be written about all in a rush and one feels duty bound to do the subjects justice by writing about them … Continue reading

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Enjoying teaching…

Just in the last few days there have been several issues which have set my mind to thinking “I should write something on my journal about that”. So, if my writing work-rate stays reasonably high, there might be several new … Continue reading

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memory – isn’t it strange?!

It is now Sunday & I thought I would just quickly check my blog page, since my internet link has been down for a couple of days and I started to read the last journal post from a week or … Continue reading

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Convergence of information – Climate Change Impact

Convergence of information – Climate Change Impact.

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Convergence of information – Climate Change Impact

I read a post yesterday and another today from completely different sources and I have been moved to write this post since it makes personal the normally impersonal thoughts and ideas about Climate Change. Let me explain… I am retired … Continue reading

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Show and tell… another genealogical tale

I was looking for something to do a few minutes ago because Fatima is watching a “Novella” on TV and it is in Portuguese. So, first things first….I sometimes watch along with her because it helps me learning the language … Continue reading

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Handshake – Claim to fame?

My last post was about cousins visiting and their visit allowed me to tell them a tale about a small “claim to fame” you may have heard, although I have not mentioned it yet on a post here, so I … Continue reading

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Weekend visitors. A ‘wild’ weekend…

  Expecting a quiet weekend, we suddenly had an influx of visitors – friends and relatives and wildlife too! It was the end of the ‘winter’ holiday period, when schools and other public organisations close down for a couple of … Continue reading

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